(photo © Jouly and her D300S)

David Junger's home page

David “Touffy” Junger ([tu'fi], sometimes pronounced [tu'faj]). 31 years old, 45kg without the rollerskates and hat. Born and raised in Paris, I studied and lived a few years in Göteborg.

After a Master in Language Technology at the University of Göteborg which followed my graduation from Paris-Sorbonne, I developped some Web apps in a Luxembourgish start-up before coming back to work in Paris two years ago.

I am a JavaScript expert working as a consultant at SFEIR and the author of JSSCxml, an SCXML implementation for Web browsers. I love teaching and never miss a chance to do it. I (obviously) like linguistics, localization, role-playing, board and computer games, and writing code from time to time.

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